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* Severity Description:

  1. Low: needs to be looked at within the next 2 weeks. Usually used for issue that identify an inconvenience or annoyance with the system. For example, a misspelling in one of the interfaces, a field label that is misleading, or a button located in an inopportune position.
  2. Medium: needs to be looked within 1 week. Usually used for issues where information is not being display quite correctly. For example, the information is displayed, but the HTML formatting around the information is not using the correct style or it is causing the website design to look incorrect.
  3. High: needs to be looked at within the next 24-48 hours. Usually used for issues where information is being lost or saved incorrectly in the system.
  4. Urgent: needs to be looked at today within the next 2-6 hours (Mon-Fri 9-6 EST). Usually used for issues that take a website completely down or prevent a feature on the website from working at all, such as the shopping cart checkout.

For Emergency, please contact our 24 hour tech support at (561) 441-5478