Freedom Link

Freedom Link


System Requirements


First-Time Installation and Setup Instructions
  1. If you are upgrading FreedomLink from an older version, view the instructions in the Upgrade section below
  2. Download the file from the link above
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Read the instructions carefully
  5. Run the MSI installer
  6. Optionally, create a Shortcut to FreedomLink.exe
  7. Close Quickbooks if it is running
  8. Run FreedomLink

  9. Click the Settings button
  10. Browse for your local Quickbooks file
  11. In your Blue interface, go to the Configuration Module, Billing Tab
  12. Copy the "Remote Freedom URL" and "FreedomLink Private Key" from ABT into the Settings screen of FreedomLink
    • Note: Your orange interface must be in secure (https://) mode
  13. Run Quickbooks
  14. In FreedomLink, click the Test Connections button
    • Note: Quickbooks will give you a warning that there is another program trying to access this file. This is OK, it is FreedomLink trying to access the file. Click the "Allow Access" button in Quickbooks.
  15. In FreedomLink, click Save
  16. FreedomLink is now connected
  17. Click the "Synchronize" button to synchronize the data between Freedom ABT and Quickbooks

Upgrade Instructions

Sample Quickbooks File

Document Storage